VirSyn CUBE 2.2

VirSyn CUBE 2.2

The VirSyn CUBE is a software sound spectral morphing resynthesizer program
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The VirSyn CUBE 1.5 is a software sound spectral morphing resynthesizer program that enables users to access all the principal components sound is built on, and allows them to manipulate that sound and its components in a musical way.

The program analysis any sample input into two components, i.e. up to 512 sine tracks for the partial components and the residual spectrum for the noise components, avoiding artefacts know from time stretching/pitch shifting and grandular algorithms. The VirSyn CUBE 1.5 has spectral editing windows that provide access to sound components where users can manipulate and create sounds using tools provided directly into the spectrum display. Up to four sounds sources parameters and spectral components can be manipulated and morphed. For example, the sound of a flute can be morphed to the sound of a trumpet and together these two sources create a new sound. Using MIDI controllers or just a mouse, with morphing envelopes, users can use this morphing feature automatically or manually.

The VirSyn CUBE 1.5 features 8 independent spectral synths, with the option of four morphable sound sources, 512 partials per voice in harmonic or inharmonic spectra, 3 envelopes with tempo sync, 64 time/level segments per envelope and 2LFOs. For resynthesis, AIFF/WAV sample import is supported as well as sine, residual, and pan spectrum and a 64-breakpoint time warp envelope. There are also 8 effect Racks featured for Chorus/Phaser/Flanger/Distortion/Echo/Delay and Reverb, as well as an arpeggiator. The interface includes a MIDI learn function.

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